Sunday, 24 July 2016

@TM_NEGK - NEGK The Mixtape (Free Download)

After a busy start to the year with bookings left, right and center, TM is back with a brand new 12 track mixtape for his fans! Anyone who is already aware of TM will know he puts on one hell of a live show and if you've caught him supporting Eyez, Chip, Bugzy Malone, Devilman, Scorcher etc over the years you will of scene the energy that he brings to a set!

Unlike most artist he also has the ability to bring that same energy to his studio music and this mixtape proves that extremely well! Get into it and don't forget to tell a friend!

Friday, 22 July 2016

@StrategyKi - Best Of The Bootleg Vol. 1 (Free Mixtape)

We are happy to unleash this brand new free mixtape from KIPGANG/Immortal Musikk member Strategy Ki consisting of a ton of tracks that have been sat collecting dust in his studio!

Best of the bootleg volume 1!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

@IAmMikiah - Sober (Out Now Via @iTunes @Spotify @AmazonMusic @GooglePlay)


At the age of 21, Mikiah has recently joined the Knowledge Is Power roster and brings an exciting new wave touch to R&B, Soul and Urban music. He is working hard to make a name for himself in music and gain a better future for himself rather than fall into the trap of modern day life in Park Hill, Sheffield. 

The debut single by Mikiah was released on Friday 15th of July and is available to stream and purchase from the following digital vendors listed above

"Sober" is the first single taken from Mikiah's debut album "Broken Promises, False Truths" which is forthcoming on Knowledge Is Power later in the year and covers a wide range of genres from new wave R&B, Hiphop, Dancehall, Dance and much much more. Please don't just take my word for it, stream or buy the track and please write your own opinions and thoughts!

@GRMPrizefighter - @MetaSouthdub Vs @ChuckyArtist This Sunday!

This Sunday is the final of this years Prizefighter Elite group and it looks set to be one of the tightest clashes of the year so far. Incase you havent kept up to date with the contest so far heres a brief summary:

- Chucky had a spur of the moment clash with Syco in the quarter finals (due to his opponent Swift not turning up) and then went on to win a close one against Militant in the Semi Finals

- KIPGANG member Meta defeated Nottinghams Poet in his first clash and then went on to another victory against Ace from Wolves in a clash that a lot of people didnt think he could win

As if this wasn't enough to tempt you to attend this FREE event, on the day there will also be the Prizefighter Elite Rumble clash in which both Meta & Chucky will be going up in an all out war along with previous contestants Tantskii, Ace, Poet, Syco and Militant.

We are currently waiting for the official footage from Meta Vs Ace to be uploaded but for now you can check it via the Facebook video above around the 1hr 7minute mark!

@DrapesBristol Ft Fuza - DFWN Pt 1 (Net Video) @MoxieMediaLTD

Bristols Drapes and Luxembourgs Fuza link up for this music video, Filmed by JMB media.
The track is lifted from Drapes mixtape ‘Money doesn’t mean anything’ which was released in march this year and is available for free download now HERE

Support Moxie Media TV Here:
Brand New Webpage: http://tinyurl.com/moxiemedia

Subsribe to us here - http://tinyurl.com/zu42gq5 We are a popular channel called Moxie Media TV bringing the latest urban music and media from Scotland & Across the UK!

@NovarFlip Live At @OwlSanctuaryNR1 With @TerraMontana365 & More! 20/08/2016

Next month Elbow Grease are bringing an underground UK hiphop legend to Norwich with a whole bunch of talent in support! KIPGANG member Terra Montana is confirmed as a support act alongside Soljdjasoulz, Buckers The Realist and more so make sure if you local you reach on the 20th August for maximum vibes.

All proceeds go to The National Autistic Society

@SwiftzArtist - No Hook (Prod. By @Threxxx360)

This week a brand new track dropped fresh from the vault of gully sounds! KIPGANG producer Threxxx from over in the US has linked up with AIM member and Sheffield resident Swiftz for this naughty little number entitled "No Hook".

Don't forget to check out Threxxx's brand new HERE website for leases, exclusives, free downloads and more!

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

@IceKidxi - A.T.M (Music Video)

2016 has brought us many wonders so far but this one is beyond a hype starter! After making a surprise appearance at Red Bull's culture clash, Ice Kid is back which an absolute monster taken from his forthcoming "11" EP!

We are all gassed to see him back and what a comeback it is!

@1Modulation - Black (Out Now)

Please check out this brand new track from Mad Real Records artist Modulation with his very powerful single "Black" via our soundcloud page HERE

The official and very empowering visual has dropped above via the almighty Global Faction so be sure to check that out and support to show unity against a system that oppresses!

@TheRealistJDM - Mind For Thought (Free Mixtape)

We are excited to release this brand new project from Manchester based artist JDM which consists of 18 absolute bangers for your audible pleasure!

Some pure, talented uk hiphop for your evening so grab it, support it and share it!

Recorded by Prism Studios (Stoke On Trent)

Twitter - @TheRealistJDM
Facebook - JDMMusicArtist
Email - Jamesdmoss@outlook.com

Artwork by James Jackson

Friday, 8 July 2016

DSOTM - The Echo Chamber (Out Now)

If you aren't already aware, Dark Side Of The Moon is a monstrous collective combining the twisted minds and murderous lyricism of Menace Mendoza, FlowTecs, Gordo Templi, Dragon Priest, Nomad, Joey Menza & Dr.Voodoo. 

They've been tearing up the underground hiphop scene for a hot minute now leaving a trail of darkened hysteria amongst the fans and other acts alike and finally in 2016 we are graced with a brand new team project worthy of slaying several politicians to. From the very offset its clear that this album is going to touch on the darker side of life (or death for you pessimistic bastards out there), with the opening beat of "Roswell Oddysey" and the gritty vocal assault that proceeds it.

Having absolutely destroyed the venue at our OX Hip Hop event on the day of release for "The Echo Chamber" its clear that these demonic, twisted sons of satan are a powerful force with one hell of stage show. 

Personal highlight of the project has got to be the haunting "Necropolis City Council" and at this point in the album im ready to renounce my human form and take on full demonic stance upon the top of a grave belonging to the ancestors of a crazed serial killer. Okay, so that may be a bit far (or is it?) but believe me this album will bring out the dark side in anyone.

With features from such names as Ray Vendetta, Teslas Ghost, Teach Em, Efex, Aurahkel, K Zorro, Raz Ghoul and even a special little feature from one of my personal favourite artists CW Jones, this project is one hell of a release for the clan and i urge you to go and grab it, pay your pittence and join the army of the lost souls.

Production by Gordo Templi, Noise Thievery, Joey Menza, Beat Butcha and Ringz Ov Saturn 

Cuts by Jabba The Kut 
Recorded by Aurahkel 
Mix/Master:Sean D 
Artwork by Ringz Ov Saturn

@RM_Fith - Gym (Exclusive) #SayNarda

Birmingham legend and friend of ours RM is back with a brand new exclusive anthem that we dropped late last night for all the man that bang out Gym on a regular! Look out for the visual to this one dropping real soon along with a lot more!

@ChocoJamz - HP (Music Video)

We recently came across a very talented artist that goes by the name of Amari Jamz and he shocked us with the raw talent and skill that he possess. HP is the opening track taken from his forthcoming mixtape "Big Headed Ambitions" and let me just warn you, once you've played it you will continue to go back to it!

He looks set to make a big splash this year so make sure you keep a close eye on him and look out for the project!

Track-list for Big Headed Ambitions:

1. HP
2. Shona
3. Rum & The Red
4. Feelings 
5. Rapper Dis Rapper Dat
6. Boogeymann
7. Thats Dope 
8. I Got You

@DuppyAndLeave 23rd July @TerraMontana365 Vs @Jez_AIM & more!

This month sees the return of Sheffields biggest and best clash platform Duppy And Leave and oh lord what a line up they have for you this time around! 

Mr Flo makes his long awaited return against a well known name in the underground scene in the form of F.O.S, KIPGANG member Terra Montana goes up against AIM member Jez in a very long awaited and eagerly anticipated match up and a whole host of other names go up against each other in all out lyrical war.

This time around they are even bringing a brand new DJ clash between Hamlet, Kyla C, Pengaleng and Cole which looks set to be absolutley mad!

Hosted by Scumfam general AK as per usual, this looks set to be an all round barfest so make sure your there on the 23rd!!

Fidzcam - @IAmMikiah - HipHop Activity Freestyle

Sheffield based media channel Fidzcam are back with a bang in 2016 and one of the latest artists to drop a freestyle on there is KIPGANG member Mikiah! Make sure you keep your eyes peeled next week for his debut single "Sober" drops via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play!