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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

@PakzProducer - Cooking With Evil Gas EP (Free Download)

We are very proud to present to you a brand new 15 track instrumental EP from uk producer Pakz!

Pakz has had a busy last few months since joining grime legend Flirta D's crew and the only way is up for this talented young producer so make sure your a part of his legacy by downloading this free ep exclusively to us and our website!

Monday, 23 March 2015

#HardVsYard2 Mixed By @DJPlatinumHD & Hosted By @TempzNFS

Its been a while since we dropped the first instalment of our dancehall series "Hard Vs Yard" so we shouted out our good friend Likkle Platinum of Platinum Linx Sound to drop us a brand new mix for 2015!

As well as bringing back Oxfords top dancehall dj we also got Sheffield resident and Scumfam member Tempo aka Seaview to host it!

Friday, 6 March 2015

@DJBigMikee Prizefighter Live 2015 (Full Event Info & Tickets!)

For the last year and a half, SilkCity Radio has been hosting the grime Prizefighter clashes every week, with over 60 MCs from all over the country participating in the Prizefighter series, we narrow it down to the last 8 MCs and all 8 MCs are previous Prizefighter trophy winners. At the moment we are starting Prizefighter 7, you can tune in every Sunday 10pm SilkCity Radio via tune in radio to keep up with the MCs progress, as and when the last 2 winners are revealed they will go onto the lineup.

You've heard it on radio, watched the clashes on YouTube, now you can experience it live at this one off 2 day event!


Sox - Guest Host

Gino - Performing "Turn It Up" & " Now That I'm Out Remix" ft. Jaykae

Invasion - Jaykae, Sox, Vader, D2, Hitman, DJ Free

DJs - Swifta Beater, Big Mikee, DJ Biggos

Chucky (Highlife) Vs JMarnz,

Kannan (Scumfam) Vs PF7 Winner

Flawzz (Full Force ENT) Vs ShyShy

I Am One Vs PF8 Winner




2:30pm - 7pm (semi finals, finals & awards)
Rival & Terror Danjah - Awards Hosts (9 Categories)

 NODB - Mayhem / Deadly / Fiasqo / Big Mikee b2b Darx

Sox & Jakilegs


Mez / Izzie Gibbs / Snowy / Tantskii

DJs - DJ Free / Swifta / DJ Biggos

group 1 winners -1st semi final

group 2 winners - 2nd semi final

group 1 winner vs group 2 winner FINALS


@FilthyFunkUk - Funkin Hell (Album Review)

When i first received a message from Dotz asking me if id like to review his latest project i understandably couldn't of said yes quick enough. Id not long learnt of his new project, a duo consisting of him and fellow artist Peterz going under the moniker of "Filthy Funk" and producing some fresh sounding music for all you audio sluts out there. 

Dotz has been a problem from way back when with his aggressive, super lyrical style and larger than life personality and whether its his studio music or his battle rapping he never ceases to entertain me. The idea of starting a new project with a lesser known artist is one that most established artists in the current uk scene would never even consider let alone have the bollocks to go ahead and put time into but Dotz has put it all on the line and rightly so as Peterz proves more than his worth on this album and has gained new fans and support in us and our brand.

*WARNING: This next statement may fire shots at other blogs but not a single fuck was given, just call it competitive criticism*

A fair handful of the blogs that were asked to review this project seemed to feel the need to rush their reviews and get them published as soon as possible, a sin that we too from time to time may be guilty of. The thing that stopped me rushing this review is the genius of the release itself. "Funkin Hell" is not an album that you can listen to once and turn off, the best way i can describe it is like a slow creeping addiction. 

Upon first listen the album draws you in, leading you through a twisting maze of lyricism, the brains of these two artists providing the storyline in the best film youve never seen. This album pushes many boundaries i feel for both of these artists as throughout the album you can tell just how comfortable these two have become when writing with each other.

Another notable part of this album is special moments like the track "Stampede" on which Dotz shows that he really is a reasonable force upon a grime instrumental. I wasnt aware (Until Dotz hit me with his first few releases - big up!) that Dotz was so comfortable on a quicker tempo and as he went on to explain to me had started off for a good few years doing grime.

One of the best things that ive personally gained from this release is the discovery of Peterz. Its no easy task to write, record and release an album with someone as good and as adored as Dotz is and still come out as a recognisable talent yourself but i feel on this release he manages that perfectly. Although the die hard fans out there will grab this release purely of the back of the reputation or fan group that Dotz brings to the table, i urge you to not underestimate the abilities and talent that Peterz holds within his cranium.

Over all this album is a work of pure genius and caters for more than your average uk hip hop release which its classy yet rough and rugged approach. I severely doubt that anyone will grab this release and be left disappointed so make sure your not the left out and grab it when it becomes available on March 22nd!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

@DontFlop - @TonyDPoison Vs @UnanymousMate

So as im sure your aware if your a battle rap fan, Tony D and Unanymous has been being called for multiple times and recently Eurgh and the Dont Flop team made it happen in this epic Title Match. Our personal opinion is that Tony D took the win fairly unchallenged but whats your thoughts? Get in touch and let us know!

@Lenzez101 Ft @BillyBoiArtist - Tell Me Lies (Audio)

Enjoy your saturday with the help of yet another free track, this by Lenzez featuring our artist Billy Boi and produced by Ghost. Entitled "Tell Me Lies" this one is a definite download!

@JDZMedia - @Youthoracle - Blizzard Send

Ahead of their forthcoming clash, Nottinghams Youthoracle linked up with JDZ Media to film his send for Manchester based artist Blizzard!

The clash looks set to be crazy so grab tickets from the link above!

@KingTezScumfam @KdotShefftown @Kassanova1JD @AKNFS @MaleeBiz @SnapzCGR @VI_JD - Aint On Nuttin (Sheffcity Remix)(Video)

Midlands and up north have already proved that they can take the basis of any tune, put their own spin on it and make it better than the original and continue to go harder than most.

This is the Sheffield remix to Ain't On Nothing by leading crews Scumfam and JDNG.  Don't forget to get yourself down to the event below in may for a proper up north party!

@BigzLegionnaire #DLHTVXKIP [S5.EP6] @Delahayetv

DelaHayeTv -
Knowledge Is Power Promotions -

DelaHayeTv and KIPPromotions are proud to bring you a brand new series of videos showcasing some of the best underground talent and music the current scene has to offer.

If you would like to be involved please check full details HERE

Intro Instrumental - So Real Sounds
Intro VoiceOver - Baybee T
Intro animation - WaveyFm

@BeatfoxUk & @AshTheAuthor - @CypherCycles [S1.EP10] @Delahayetv

One of Readings finest hiphop artists Ash The Author just dropped by and performed a Cycle Cypher with local beatboxer BeatFox! This one is absolutely huge from Ash and the visuals looking nice as usual from Delahayetv

Dont forget you can download the big cypher audio featuring Ash and over 20 more artists HERE

@StyloG @LisaMercedez @StammaKid @YoungDeedzz @JuvinileKLP & @DBlackzRealist - Aint On Nuttn (Dancehall Remix)

You've heard all the rap versions now here comes a different angle to Yungen's "Ain't On Nothing" banger from UK dancehall collective Warning Crew.

Waring have been putting in work for years now whether as a team or individuals and I'm excited to see what music the new team mixtape brings!

@JDZMedia - @Brotherhooduk - Back To Basics

Brotherhood have been killing it and putting in serious work rate for years now so it was already a forgone conclusion that thy were gonna duppy this new one for JDZ Media

@WAWGrimeClashes - @Strika0161 Vs @NahDenDee

We've been looking forward to this clash sick it was first announced and are deffinetly impressed with the high levels in this battle. Strika puts in another solid performance but in our opinion Mr Flo just edges the decision with better wordplay and delivery.

Look out for a feature from Mr Flo on our forthcoming #AwakeEP release due to land in March! 

Friday, 27 February 2015

@JDZMedia - @TheBugzyMalone - 100k Subscribers Freestyle

Anyone that follows us knows by now that we have very high ratings for Manchester based artist Bugzy Malone and have done for years now. He recently jump onto JDZ Media again to drop this huge freestyle celebrating 100 thousand subscribers to the channel!

@Spookasonic - Corrr Grimey EP (Free Download)

Were excited to bring you the brand new free ep from talented artist and good friend of ours Spookasonic which is entitled "Corrr Grimey EP". This release is yet another bunch of huge tracks from the artists including a few produced by our producer Meenz!

You may remember that Spookasonic kicked off the Versatility Sessions series with Volume 1 last year and were excited to announce that he is making a return on Volume 9 alongside some well known guests later this year!