Sunday, 27 July 2014

@Stormzy1 - Dreamers Disease (Out Now)

Support the artist and grab this release from iTunes HERE

Finally the long awaited EP "Dreamers Disease" from uk rapper Stormzy has landed on iTunes! I had this preordered from the day it became available and listened the moment it dropped and all I can say is you need to get yourself a copy and witness the rising of a true uk talent.

Stormzy has really set levels with this EP with includes the hood anthem "Not That Deep" for which you can check out the official video HERE


1. Intro
2. Forever Ft 1st Born
3. Not That Deep
4. No Way Ft Yung Fume
5. Dreamers Disease
6. Storm Trooper Ft TE Dness
7. Jupa Ft Showa Shins & Starboy Willz

@MeenzUk - Formation EP (Free Download)

Grab your free copy HERE

This has been a big year for local producer Meenz since signing with us and the music continues to flow from him! This EP shows you just how far he's come with 4 brand new free beats including a collab with welsh wizard Dubzta

We also dropped his GiveAway EP recently which you can check out and download for free HERE

Next on the list will be his collaborative EP with GameOver founder Solo entitled "Shutdown Season" which will drop on the 16th of August for which you can check the showreel HERE


1. Formation (Prod. By Meenz)
2. Voodoo (Prod. By Meenz)
3. Problem (Prod. By Meenz)
4. Violation (Prod. By Meenz & Dubzta)

If you would like to work with Meenz or lease beats from him please contact us or see pricing HERE

#PrizeFighter4 @Strika0161 Vs @KannanScumfam

Now I know a lot of you have been eagerly waiting for this clash to happen and a vast majority including myself felt like this could of easily been the final of Prizefighter. Manchesters Highlife member Strika went up against Sheffields Scumfam member Kannan in this all out lyrical war.

Probably one of the hardest clashes I've seen and heard on radio in a long time so make sure you watch it I garuantee you will piss yourself laughing

Don't forget to check out the cypher we filmed with Strika and Highlife HERE

And grab Kannan's Evolution mixtape that we released a short while ago HERE

Conf - Tales Of A Gutsy Ninja (Mixtape)

 Download your free copy HERE

It's with great sadness that I have to announce Conf, one of Birmingham's hardest underground rappers is retiring from music to concentrate on other aspects of his life. We've heard a lot of sick music from him over the years but as a parting gift he has just dropped his "Tales Of A Gutsy Ninja" cd as a free download

You may remember him from our Survival mix cd which you can listen too and download below

3 New Tracks From @TerraMontana365

3 brand new tracks from London er Terra Montana check them out and share the love!

Also don't forget his Flame On EP is dropping via us very soon

@GSBazBrown - Monster Ft @ItsBru_C & @DrDimensional

Brand new track taken from Baz Brown's forthcoming album "Dark Lord". On this one he brings in Bru c and Traumatik on an evil vibe!

Don't forget to read my full review of the album HERE

@JDZMedia - @Eyez_Uk - Level Up

Derby prophet of grime Eyez steps into the booth to film his sick freestyle on JDZ Media's new series. Look out for his new mixtape dropping next month produced by Zdot Productions

Friday, 25 July 2014

@HitmansOnline - King Of The Town (Review)

The story of the creation of this debut itunes release from Invasion Alert member Hitman is one of multiple emotions. It's been in the making for a while now and throughout the process Hits has had a lot on his plate both with music and his personal life and this is evident as I listen to the cd.

The opening track "Like Me Or Not" is the perfect opener for this cd, with it's anthemic instrumental and Hitmans aggressive yet calculated approach to spitting this track is like the first bottle of courvoisier on a night out as it sets the tone for the rest of the album with blistering pace. I've got to admit when Hits sent me the album as eager as I was to hear every single track, I had to wheel this track 5/6 times before moving onto the next.

As soon as you see that the second track "Oh My Days" features NODB heavyweights Deadly and Mayhem, you already know that your ears are about to get punched up as your ear canals get thrown into a frenzied mosh pit inside your head. It goes without saying that this track brings the hype at gas mark 1000 and will leave you wanting to go touch down a rave and witness some shells being spat just so you can wile out and let loose.

The third track "Actors" for which you can see the video at the top of this post, is a polished work of art produced by Climaks Beats and perfectly complimented by the vibe Hitman is on through his lyricism. You may of already heard this track being spun on Silk City via the Invasion Show or DJ Big Mikee's show to which it always receives a lot of love blowing up my timeline.

A lot of people thought that after Lord Of The Mics, Invasion and old school London artist Discarda had actual beef due to some of he lyrics that Jaykae delivered towards him in their clash. If your one of the people that believed this you need to put the crack pipe down and face reality. Discarda proved there's nothing but love by jumping on the 4th track on this cd entitled "I Do Grime" which is a loud, obnoxious piece of music that is exactly what grime music is about.

The fifth anthem on King Of The Town is a track I personally have been anticipating like a junkie waiting for it's fix. Hitman teams up with fellow Birmingham veterans Opiffawana and Malik MD7 to deliver a solid rap tune. Most of you may not know that Hitman used to create mainly rap tracks in his earlier days and he more than holds his own alongside these two forefathers of the midlands scene.

Next on the cd is the Ronseal track. You may think I've lost it by saying that but what I mean is it does exactly what it says on the tin. Entitled "KOTT Anthem" the track is in essence a perfect track to sum up the whole cd as Hits absolutely body's the riddim with his unique flair and usual no bullshit attitude.

The next few tracks "Best Mc", "Know What's Your On" and "Shutdown The Place" are much more of the same caliber of creative audio genius. Hitman has the unique ability to get anyone no matter how mellow they are in real life to lose their rag and wile out to his music. I guarantee if you ask your favorite mc who his favorite mc is he will reply with Hitman as his or her answer. Every live set or radio set I've ever heard him on he has received numerous wheel ups, you may think this is easily done but with a scene as strong as it currently is, getting a wheel up before you've even spat an 8 bar is a sign of true ability.

The penultimate track on this flawless album is a huge collaboration track with fellow midlands artists Spz About and Pressure of Stayfresh. Much like the title suggests "WannaBees" is a flaming meteorite directed straight at the fakes and snakes that surround. Each and every one of us on a daily basis especially when it comes to the music scene.

The bonus track features a name that you may recognize from the Invasion Alert single "Alien Invasion" yes that's right Knox Brown is back again with another killer hook with this track showing a different side to Hitmans musical mind. This is the sort of track that gets a lot of national radio support and becomes the rough diamond of an album like this. All in all this is an absolutely perfect album from the Invasion Alert star and I urge you to buy it when it lands on the 22nd of August.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

@ProctorPro - Housage EP (Review)

Check out the promo mix mixed by oxfords very own DJ Spex below!

Those of you that already know about Oxford based producer Proctor will more than likely know him for his hard hitting, emotion provoking uk rap and hiphop beats that have been vocalled by some of the finest in the uk scene. This EP however see's him step out of his comfort zone and into the world of House music.

Some of you may be thinking "Great another producer making shit repetitive house beats" but if your one of those people, take time to listen to this release and see if it changes your mind. Proctor has established a nice underground following and in terms of features and collabs he has built himself a healthy portfolio. In regards to his rap beats, Proctor has his own unique blend of hard hitting snares, atmospheric synths and well structured pieces of art that have been vocalled by the likes of Timbar, Page, Bellzey, 5 Star, Fix Dot M and many more.

The Housage EP sees him switch up the tone and create some lively, bouncy anthems that will get any crowd shuffling and cutting shapes in the best of mind frames. The main point that this EP raises is to not judge a producer by what he's known for as in terms of genres, rap and house couldn't be further apart yet Proctor seems to have mastered both perfectly.

I urge you to grab yourself a copy when it drops on the first of August and enter the word of a local production genius. Check out the links for some of his other projects and the Tracklist for this EP below and make sure to keep an eye on this rising talent 

Grab his Oxford 2 London mixtape featuring Timbar, Landlordz, Shaun White and more HERE

Also don't forget to check out the freestyle he did for our first #DLHTVXKIP series with DelaHayeTv HERE and his interview with them below

@ProctorPro | #DLHTVXKIP [S1.EP14] @Delahayetv

DelaHayeTv -
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Here's a sick freestyle from Oxford based producer Proctor. Look out for our review of his forthcoming EP droppin this week

DelaHayeTv and KIPPromotions are proud to bring you a brand new series of videos showcasing some of the best underground talent and music the current scene has to offer.

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Intro Instrumental - So Real Sounds
Intro VoiceOver - Baybee T
Intro animation - WaveyFm